“I’m proud to have implemented a solution that both employees and management are very happy with.”
Gali, Office Admin at Nayax

How Nayax saves up to 80% of admin time spent on the booking and management of business travel

Nayax is a fintech company that provides complete solutions for cashless payments, telemetry systems, and management software. They have offices in 9 different locations globally and over 300 employees worldwide. Nayax does a great job of maintaining a global presence, but this also means that their employees are constantly traveling--overseas clients, sales demonstrations, conferences, exhibitions, and more!

The customer service is excellent, there is always a human on the other end of the line that can help me with what I, or my travelers, need--even at unconventional hours”
Office Admin at Nayax

The pains of working with a travel agent

Gali, the office administrator, would book travel for the company employees with the help of an external travel agent. As Gali notes, almost every booking required a continuous back-and-forth between her and the agent making the whole process incredibly time-consuming and exhausting.
Moreover, it was very demanding to consolidate all invoices relating to the company’s travel spend. This not only required even more email threads and conversations with the agent, but Gali also found herself constantly chasing employees to understand where they were going and how much they were spending.

Upgrading to a business travel management solution 

While searching for a better way of working, Nayax received a recommendation to use TravelSuit from an existing TravelSuit customer--Simplee.  Gali initially used TravelSuit to book travel on behalf of her employees which already reduced the time and head-ache surrounding travel management, but the more momentous change came when the employees started booking their own travel through the platform. With TravelSuit, Gali could also easily access the company’s travel invoices and expenses, saving her yet again the need to chase her agent.

“Saving so much time on travel administration has finally let me focus on other tasks.”
Office Admin at Nayax

Finally, business travel made reliable.

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