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Zeevi Michel
Sunday, March 15
Our commitment to you

As people across the globe are required to adjust their way of living amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, we felt it necessary to update our customers on what steps we took here at TravelSuit to ensure our customers continue receiving the best service.

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Yoav Rosenberg
February 19, 2020

Why 2020 is the year to upgrade how you manage business travel

Advancement in technology spurred by investor appetite and market readiness has caused travel technologies to skyrocket over the past few years...

Yoav Rosenberg
February 4, 2020

The CFO’s Guide: Taking Control of Your Business Travel Budget

The average company spend on business travel has increased by 217% between 2016-2019 alone and it may not be surprising to hear that...

TravelSuit Team
November 18, 2019
Office Managers 

Making life easier for office managers - How travel management solutions save time

Office managers already have a million things to do around the office so anything that helps make their job easier or more productive, should be important...

Yoav Rosenberg
December 5, 2019

Life is better for everyone when employees can book their own travel

Companies with frequent employee travel try to do the right thing by having either an office manager or a travel agent book travel plans for employees...

TravelSuit Team
November 7, 2019
Office Managers 

How a travel management solution can help your office admin

Managing all travel requests, while acting as the liaison between the traveler and agent, is time-consuming and often a logistical nightmare. Changes and cancellations...

Zeevi Michel, CEO
November 21, 2019

Why flight prices fluctuate so much and how do I get the best rates for me?

Though the question remains, why do flight prices fluctuate so much? What factors impact the price of a flight ticket? Based on our research...

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