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Adi L.

Clinical Marketing Associate Picardia

“I just love how easy and straightforward TravelSuit is to use. It helped us streamline the entire booking process from what used to be hours into minutes. No more back and forth email threads, Whatsapp messages and phone calls - amazing”

Dikla P.

Office Manager, TenenGroup

“Partnering with TravelSuit has enabled us to simplify our corporate travel process. Our employees immediately saw the benefits which lead to a high adoption rate. It is one of those solutions that you ask yourself "How did we ever manage before?" - Highly recommended!”

Dana H.

Business Development & Operations
Meron Capital

"TravelSuit has everything you need to book and manage your company business travel - all bookings are made on one platform, which means all invoices are centralised. But what I like most is that I have real time visibility on precise travel spend through dashboards and customer reporting."

Jane B.

Strategic Business Development & Product Management

"Travel spent has been a primary company expense for us and TravelSuit has helped us keep it streamlined and transparent. I now have a clear view of our company's travel patterns and spent, with real-time reports and insights."

Finally, business travel made approachable.

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