Reports Designed For Optimal Insights

Deep-dive into your company data, understand traveler behaviour and generate powerful insights with a few clicks.
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Clarity into your travel spend

With our reports, you can finally gain insight into your company's travel spend. Receive actionable insights and better understand how to create effective travel and approval policies, and start saving.

Easy access to reports

We understand how important data is in order to make informed decisions and improvements. This is why we’ve made it easy for you to access all the information you need right from your company dashboard.
Our powerful platform allows for highly customizable reports with just a few clicks, so your team can start generating actionable information.

Get clear on what works

Our powerful, custom reports allow you to really drill down on what’s working and what isn’t. We take care of all the nitty-gritty reporting, easily accessed through the dashboard, so you have visibility on how your team spends its travel budget. Break down real-time data by team, date, location and more. Continue to optimize and improve as you go along.

Save and improve with each report

TravelSuit allows for advanced reporting right down to whether the booking date of a trip affects its cost. Itemized breakdowns according to flights, hotels, or travelers make it easier to gauge what’s working (or isn’t) for your team and budget. With each trip, you’ll have more insight on how to save and improve travel for your business.

Finally, business travel made smart.

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