Set your travel policy, automate the rest!

Customize your travel policy to empower your team to book easily and transparently, all within company guidelines.
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Take control of travel spend

Travel spend can account for one of a company's highest expenses and can easily get out of hand. With our travel management platform you can define a travel policy that will give you more control and customization of your company's travel spend to match any budget.

Customizable travel policies for peace of mind

Our simple yet powerful travel policy generator is fully integrated into all search results, travel itineraries and reports so that travelers can avoid uncertainty and book with peace of mind. We take into account the complexity of your travel policies and make sure it fits seamlessly into your existing workflow. No more micromanaging or ambiguity.

Automated approvals for more freedom

Easily set up automatic approvals for all bookings that comply with your travel policy so travelers may enjoy the freedom and flexibility to oversee their own travels. For trips that need a little more attention, approving managers can conveniently view, monitor, tweak and approve itineraries. Allow your team to book easily, quickly, and within company guidelines.

Finally, business travel made smart.

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