Approving Travel Has Never Been Easier

Once your policy is set, our platform will make sure each booking goes to the relevant person for approval.
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For busy teams with lots of travel, approving booking alone can take up a big chunk of time. TravelSuit does away with that by automating bookings — within company policy. Our quick approval settings grant your frequent flyers (or anyone you choose) more autonomy in booking trips.

Choose approval settings

Do you want trips to be always automatically approved? Never? How about only trips that are within policy? TravelSuit gives you the freedom and flexibility to create an automated approval policy for you and your travelers.

Customize to your company's needs

That’s not all! TravelSuit understands that each department, team, or office might come with its own set of regulations. Divide them up, add multiple approvers, and define each unique approval flow.

Keep everyone in the loop

We all might have the best of intentions by setting things up perfectly, but if the team doesn’t know what’s going on, things can still go wrong. That's why our platform notifies the travelers via email about their requests and approval process.

Finally, business travel made comfortable.

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