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Designed with you in mind.

We know you walk a tightrope. Providing your travelers with a safe and hassle-free travel experience, creating travel policies that are beneficial to both company and employee, assisting the finance department in cost control, and so much more! We bet you have better things you could be doing with your time.

TravelSuit’s intuitive, user-friendly, travel management platform will free up your administrative time by streamlining the entire booking process. No more endless email threads and phone calls. No more wondering if everyone has received their booking notifications, receipts, or is in need of assistance.

One platform to manage it all!

Sometimes the nature of a trip can be complex. Some travelers require multi-destinations, or travel to less accessible locations. Then of course there are hotels to book and travel policies to adhere to!
Why spend hours booking all this from different sites when you can do it all from one platform? Book within minutes for multiple travelers, locations and offices.

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Automate approval processes!

For frequent travelers, it might just be easier to automatically approve their bookings — all within policy of course! TravelSuit offers multi tiered approval processes that allow your travelers the comfort of managing their own trips and allows you to save time and attention!

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Set a travel policy for greater automation and peace of mind!

We realize that a big chunk of business travel management involves combing through booking requests to make sure it complies with company policy. TravelSuit takes care of that for you with our travel policy creation tool. Setup a policy that will keep your travelers and executives happy!

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Get your favourite picks from our vast inventory! 

When it comes to travel, most of us have our preferred carriers and hotels. TravelSuit is connected to multiple content aggregators with a vast selection of carriers and hotels including: Sabre, Amadeus and Kiwi for flights and Booking.com, Expedia and Amadeus for hotels. There is something for everyone, at multiple price tiers.

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Your travelers will thank you!

Did we mention that we also provide 24/7, worldwide human support? So anytime, anywhere, if your traveler needs assistance during their trip, one of our Travel Experts is just a phone call away. Now couple that with flexible, autonomous booking within policy, and ease of use for both you and others and it’s no wonder that TravelSuit has such high adoption rates!

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Finally, business travel made comfortable.

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