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Booking travel for you and your employees should be an easy task, but in reality it is unnecessarily repetitive and complicated. Entering traveler details again and again, booking hotels separately from the flights, and not to mention more complex travel that requires multiple bookings or remote locations!

We’ve taken all this into consideration when building TravelSuit, so you can manage your travel from one easy to use yet powerful platform!

Experience the freedom of flexible searches

As travelers ourselves, we understand that the more flexible the search parameters, the easier it makes our lives! With TravelSuit you no longer have to do manual searches to find hotels near your meeting location. Simply enter an address into the search bar and we will show you nearby hotels and their distance!

Get your favourite picks from our vast inventory 

When it comes to travel, most of us have our preferred carriers and hotels. TravelSuit is connected to multiple content aggregators with a vast selection of carriers and hotels including: Sabre, Amadeus and Kiwi for flights and, Expedia and Amadeus for hotels. There is something for everyone, at multiple price tiers.

Control the permission setting for each traveler

Certain members of the team or frequent flyers might want more freedom in booking their own travel. Or perhaps you’d like to share access with other departments. TravelSuit allows complete control over which users can access the various features available.

Save multiple office locations for quicker bookings

Do you have offices around the world, or locations that your team members travel to often? Save them in our platform and easily create one-click bookings to spare you the hassle of repetitive data entry.

Finally, business travel made comfortable.

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