Set A Travel Policy For Greater Automation And Peace Of Mind!

A flexible yet simple tool to cater to all your travel needs
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Simplify your complex travel needs

We understand that a big part of travel administration is keeping travel spend under control and the team adhering to company policies. Our powerful travel policy generator is not only easy to use but also highly customizable. Combine that with our approval tool, and you’ve got a policy engine that once setup, will do all of the hard work for you!

Set up more than one travel policy

Our General Travel Policy — which serves as the default policy — is pretty robust, but in addition to this you can also customize more than one policy to suit your needs. Set up policies for each office and specific teams or groups of travelers. Each setup is highly customizable and supports multiple approval processes. Make your policy serve the needs of you and your team for greater comfort and ease.

Customizable price caps for hotels and flights

Flight and hotel prices are subject to numerous factors — distance, date booked, location. Setting a one-size-fits-all price cap will ultimately hinder a smooth booking process. TravelSuit supports different price caps for different locations and teams. Set your maximum price according to your needs!

Finally, business travel made comfortable.

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