Duty Of Care

Keep your travelers safe at all times!
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Travel with peace of mind

We understand that due to the COVID-19 pandemic traveling abroad might bring forth new hesitations when it comes to business travel. That is why we have made it our number one priority that the TravelSuit platform adapts accordingly and allows you and your travelers to travel with ease.

Locate travelers in real-time & get check-in alerts

Easily track all your travelers around the world with our live tracking map. Hover over each traveler and get all the trip details you need to assure that everything is on track.

Get real-time check-in alerts upon your travelers’ arrival so that you know they have safely reached their destination.

TravelSafe sorting algorithm

We have built the TravelSafe search option for your peace of mind. Using all available data from IATA, flight search results are sorted in real-time to provide your employees with the safest route for their trip by prioritizing direct flights and flights with connections in lower-risk countries.

Active Covid-19 cases alert

Get notified if your destination is listed as one with known active Covid-19 cases (based on live data from IATA). 
Click the "Learn more" link and see all the known travel limitations to that exact destination.

Finally, business travel made comfortable.

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