How a travel management solution can help your office admin

Managing all travel requests, while acting as the liaison between the traveler and agent, is time-consuming and often a logistical nightmare. Changes and cancellations...

TravelSuit Team
March 11, 2020

Coordinating travel is a really tough job which doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, probably because you’re managing 100 other things at the same time, and carrying out all these tasks to a high standard.

Managing all travel requests, while acting as the liaison between the traveler and agent, is time-consuming and often a logistical nightmare. Changes and cancellations are inevitable, but trying to find solutions just adds to your ever-growing workload.

While there are some things you can’t control, many problems can be avoided (or reduced) with proper business travel planning. Using the right business travel management solution can not only relieve the stress for you and travelers, but also free up your time to work on other things, and save the company money. It’s a win-win situation.

Here we explain the steps you can take to ease your admin headache and how a business travel management solution can help.

Create guidelines or a corporate travel policy

Trying to coordinate travel for all employees and executives, each one with their own specific requests, is challenging. If you don’t have a travel policy in place then it’s much more difficult to manage costs and ensure that all travel booked for employees is allowed by the company.

Having a company-wide travel policy in place reduces the admin burden of booking travel while speeding up the process and helping you to better plan and manage your travel budget.

With a business travel management solution, you can easily make sure that all trips conform to the policy, as well as track spending in a straightforward and transparent way, both in terms of cost of the travel, and expenses.

Streamline the hotel and flight travel search procedure

It can take hours to search for hotels and flights to find ones that meet the traveler’s criteria and that come in under budget. You can engage a corporate travel agency to do it for you but sometimes the back and forth involved in booking – especially if the traveler needs to change their itinerary – is just as time-consuming.

With a business travel management solution, you not only get access to a huge inventory of flights and hotels, you can also input the particular criteria that you want to use for your search. This means that you can book while the prices are low and better track and manage travel spending.

Set up traveler profiles

Certain companies have high volumes of business travel. Entering the details of each traveler over and over again is time-consuming and inefficient. A digital travel management solution allows travelers to store their personal information and create personalized profiles, thus saving you time and reducing the likelihood of making a data entry error. This includes details like:

Centralise access to information

it is only natural for travelers and management to have questions and inquiries about their travel arrangements. Having to answer those questions for each trip you book can drain your time and energy.

With an online business travel management solution, all details – both for trips and for  – are saved and stored in one centralized location that anyone (with the right permission) can access at any time. This makes booking travel quicker and easier, and frees up time you would have previously spent fielding questions from travelers.

Enlist the help of a digital travel management company

Using a traditional travel agency can have its advantages in terms of saving time searching and booking for the best options but these agencies have limitations in terms of speed, costs (especially when it comes to commission), and overall booking experience.

If you choose an online travel management solution or digital travel management company, you can choose from a wide variety of options and book instantly to get the best prices, rather than having to wait for the agency to confirm the booking. These solutions replicate the consumer booking experience, allowing you to compare prices and get full visibility of all costs before you book.

With a digital travel management solution, you get access to expert travel advisors 24/7, no matter where your business is located. This real-time live support doesn’t end when the booking is complete. You and the traveler will continue to be able to access help during and after the trip.

Better business travel planning pays off

An online business travel management solution can help you plan ahead and be proactive when it comes to booking travel. Implementing the right solution can help you take control of travel planning, streamlining the process to free up your valuable time, and keep travelers – and management – happy.

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