Making life easier for office managers - How travel management solutions save time

Office managers already have a million things to do around the office so anything that helps make their job easier or more productive, should be important...

TravelSuit Team
December 12, 2019

Technology can make just about every aspect of our lives easier, but making the switch can be difficult. It's easier just to put it off and stay with what we know. Already getting used to a new phone or operating system is hard enough, but when the changes affect an entire company, the process is incredibly daunting. But even though the first steps might be hard, when we finally understand how to use the new technology or product, we usually wonder how we ever lived without it. 

Some tech improvements can seem pretty minor. For example, now when we want to change the TV channel, instead of searching between the couch cushions for the remote, we have to search for our phones. Other technologies though, like switching to a business travel management solution, can totally change your day-to-day workload. 

Office managers already have a million things to do around the office so anything that helps make their job easier or more productive, should be important both to the office manager and to any CEO. No matter if a company is using a travel agent for their travel bookings or if they are doing it in house, a travel management platform like TravelSuit can make planning business trips immensely easier and faster. 

Transparency and speed in one place

When it comes to business travel management, companies generally have two options. They can manage the process internally, which means adding another thing on office managers already mile-long to-do list. The other option is to hire a travel agency, which is expensive and doesn't allow the company or the travelers much transparency or autonomy.

A lot of companies with frequent travel needs just hire a travel agent thinking it’s the easier option. That’s often not how it works out though. The office manager is still an intermediary, so in the end, it’s the same amount of work. Unlike leisure travel, business travel plans frequently change with very little notice. Also unlike with leisure travel,  the difference between a 6:30 flight and an 8:30 flight can ruin a trip. Reservations also have to be made quickly, and they have to be made right, because any error, no matter how big or small, will come back on the office manager. 

While working with a travel agent might have worked well in the past, even the best travel agent in the world is going to create unnecessary work for the office admin. First of all, it takes time to make reservations or to change them if needed. This downtime can be crucial for an office manager who has people breathing down their necks needing results. Between the back and forth emailing, changing the reservations and making sure everything is within company policy, hiring a travel agent doesn't really make an office manager's job much easier. 

At best, it just changes the kind of work that they need to do.  

Travel agents also have no reason to be transparent, which means the office manager is responsible for the travel plans, but isn’t actually able to make any of the decisions themselves. Travel agents will pick whatever flight or hotel they think will work, but you will never know if there was a better option. There is also no guarantee that the flights or bookings will be within company policy.  If they aren't, that blame will of course come back on the office manager. 

24/7 travel support means someone is always there to help 

Online consumer platforms like Expedia and are a significant step in the right direction when it comes to traveler empowerment, but they are better suited for leisure travel. Booking directly through hotels and airlines can be the most cost-effective solution, but then customer service is pretty much non-existent.

With both of these options, If something goes wrong, the office manager is left to fix it on their own. When companies book their business trips through TravelSuit though and something goes wrong, the travelers can contact the 24/7 travel support line. This way the office manager knows that the situation is being handled, and they don’t have to worry about it.  

Another important benefit of using TravelSuit is that it is the only method that ensures every purchase is within the company travel policy. If travelers are in charge of their own booking, you never know what they are going to come out with. They might try to slip in an upgrade here or there and once it’s booked, it’s not worth the hassle and possible fees that come with rebooking. 

Even with a travel agent, you can give them the company travel policy but it’s still ultimately up to them. With TravelSuit, parameters can be set up that restrict certain kinds of upgrades or bookings over a certain amount of money. No more having to explain to the boss why certain reservations are outside of the company policy. 

Business trips also require numerous bookings and reservations so it all quickly becomes a logistical nightmare. Once you start trying to book multiple trips, you need dozens of Excel sheets and an expansion of your inbox capacity just to keep it all straight. What makes TravelSuit so useful is that it bridges that gap, providing the hands-on flexibility of consumer travel platforms, while still providing the customer service that companies need and expect. With options for price comparison, 24-hour travel support, and real-time data evaluation, TravelSuit combines all of the best pieces of various travel booking platforms, so you get the best of all worlds. 

All of the benefits, none of the cost

In an increasingly digital world, we still have not forgotten the importance of human contact. Meeting face to face allows for better negotiations and collaborations between companies, which is vital in today's economy. Business travel is crucial and should be a pleasure, not a pain. 

By switching to a business travel platform, companies are able to reap the benefits without having to put in the strenuous effort of managing their trips or paying excessive amounts for a travel agent. With so many benefits and no added costs, business travel platforms are the new technological advances that will soon become commonplace in every office.

Finally, business travel made comfortable.

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