Why flight prices fluctuate so much and how do I get the best rates for me?

Though the question remains, why do flight prices fluctuate so much? What factors impact the price of a flight ticket? Based on our research...

Zeevi Michel, CEO
March 11, 2020

Flight prices don’t have to be a mystery anymore.

As a fellow traveler, I’m not immune to wanting the best rates for my travels and that of my team. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I co-founded TravelSuit. We really do aspire to provide our clients the best prices in the industry.

Though the question remains, why do flight prices fluctuate so much? What factors impact the price of a flight ticket?

The world today is so dynamic and ever-changing is it any wonder that the travel industry is no different? Based on our research, there are multiple factors that could affect a ticket price, such as:

Why Are There So Many Cheap Seats?

Aggregator sites (or travel search engines) such as Kayak and Skyscanner serve results by searching multiple travel sites and presenting you with price options in one easy location. The problem with this method is that it’s not taking into consideration the actual advertized seat available on an airplane.

Let me explain, most travel booking sites in the world are connected to a centralized system that provides close to real-time availability of seats on each flight. Since travel booking sites are trying to capture the same seats, it’s highly likely that by the time you book your ticket, that specific seat will already be taken.

But wait, you might say, you still see the price and availability on other sites?

Unfortunately, the likelihood of you being able to book that specific ticket is very low.

So What Happens Next?

Well, the airlines release a new batch of seats to be sold. To the naked eye, they are still the same flight class aka economy or business, etc. To keep things simple, let’s talk Economy Class. Not all economy seats are created equal. Even within Economy class, seats are rated differently — E, Y, W and more. Each rating comes with different rights and restrictions, including:

Additional Fee Removals

Another common tactic used by online booking sites is not to initially show the actual full price of the ticket. They remove the taxes, additional processing fees and more. This leads you to believe their price is the best. Only when it’s time to pay does one realize that they are tacked with additional fees, raising the cost of the flight! Super frustrating, for sure.

On top of that, if something were to happen, say you find yourself stuck at an airport, it’s almost impossible to get on a call to get assistance! This is not a situation I would wish upon anyone.

TravelSuit Aims For The Best

We at TravelSuit have worked hard to make sure we are connected to all major centralized inventory systems with the best commercial agreements. Since I’m aware of the frustration one can feel with hidden fees, TravelSuit makes sure there are no hidden fees —  the price you see is the price you pay.

We are aiming for the best travel experience — one that takes into account travel time, connections, early check-ins, luggage inclusion, frequent flyer miles inclusion and more. So it’s possible in some cases, the price you see for an economy class seat in an online site is different to ours, but that is only because we are providing you with the best option for business travel.  

And most importantly, at least in my opinion, every flight ticket and hotel booked via TravelSuit comes with our 24/7 customer service support to make sure everything is smooth sailing and you get to your destination with peace of mind.

The world is yours. TravelSuit is here to help you get there.  

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