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As travelers ourselves, we know just how much time booking travel can take up! Especially when you need to research flights, compare prices, check in with management, get approval, etc. And that’s not even considering more complex travel arrangements with multiple travelers and separate bookings. That is why our business travel management platform is designed to automate as many processes as possible and make the rest simple and intuitive.

A comprehensive traveler profile that saves you time

Enter your details once for easy booking later! We store passport information, frequent flyer number, flight and meal preferences, and more to spare you of repetitive data entry. Whether you’re booking just for yourself or for a team of teammates, you won’t have to constantly check in with everyone over their travel details.

Green Light for your pre-trip approvals

Why waste time on bookings before the reason for your trip has been ‘okayed’? Our pre-trip approval flow allows you to get the Green Light for travel before proceeding to book.

Always within policy

We take company policy very seriously so you don’t have to worry about it. If your trip is outside of policy, we’ll notify the right people for approval — you won’t have to do all that extra work. To keep things streamlined, all the details of each trip (flights, hotels,  travelers, etc) are concentrated into one overview for easy approval (and is less overwhelming for the approver).

Dynamic, flexible searches

Our searches are as adjustable and complex as your travel needs. Sometimes our travel needs might not involve concrete dates or locations but a budget still has to be produced. With TravelSuit, on top of regular searches, you can also search by address, or if you’ve saved a location (be it an office or otherwise) to find specific hotels and flights.

Smart booking for flights and hotels

You want the best deals, and we’re going to help you get that with our automatic price comparison feature. You can compare prices for hotels and flights or get more granular when searching for specific criteria (direct flights, five star hotels, etc.). All your (or your teammates) trips can be viewed in one easy to locate tab, arranged by departure or date. Always have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Finally, business travel made reliable.

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